Faab Fabricauto, a major player in the world of license plates for more than 60 years, offers you various security elements for your plates, thus making it possible to meet all of your requirements and constraints.

Security Laser Marking

Bar Code - Datamatrix

This is a printing solution that requires laser technology. Unique serial number or VIN number.

This is a permanent marking.


Anti-counterfeit protection.

Difficult to duplicate.
The laser marking can not be removed without damaging the license plate.
The mark obtained by laser marking is final and indelible.
The use of laser marking allows a "precision" engraving.


3M™ Ensure™ Directional Image

It is the most known and used security feature that can guarantee the authenticity of the license plate.

The digital watermark can be visible and readable at a glance, or it can be ‘hidden’, that means that the pattern is visible only under a certain angle. The printing of the elements is done by printing or by laser engraving.

Unique three-dimensional appearance.
Visible to 50 feet or more.
Easy to verify, day or night.
Difficult to duplicate.
Permanent, that can’t be removed without causing serious damage to the plate.

Security Thread VST

3M™ Virtual Security Thread™

This is a technique that directly integrates into the retro-reflective film a frame or pattern that is permanently, visible or at a specific angle.


Three-dimensional appearance.
Visible to 50 feet or more.
Easy to verify, day or night.
Permanent, that can’t be removed without causing serious damage to the plate.
Difficult to duplicate.

Security Bar Coding

Or Data Matrix Code

It consists in a printing (laser or thermal printing) of various signs either bars points, squares of different sizes and thickness that create a coding for an computer assisted reading.


Possibility to add information during registration process.
The information contained are easily readable with specific device.
Information contained can be linked to a data base.

Possible traceability use.

Security Hologram

Optical Images

An hologram is a three dimensions image containing information. The informations can be an image and / or text - micro text.

The holographic image and / or micro text can be readable only under different angles.

The hologram is applied by hot stamping in order to ensure a perfect sealing to the reflective sheeting.


The images and / or text contained in the hologram are customizable.
It can’t be removed without causing serious damage to the plate.
Very difficult to copy.

Security UV Marker

Not Visible Ink

The completely transparent and colorless security marking makes it possible to make certain elements visible, which are revealed by UV light, not visible to the eyes. This security element allows a fast and reliable verification of the plate.


Not visible.
Easy to control with specific device.
Reinforce License Plate compliance by reducing risk of falsification.
Difficult to counterfeit.

Security Traceability

Unique Number

The unique number is an identifier (bar code or text) which allows a quick comparison (possibly by querying a database to verify) of the identification information corresponds to the license plate and which facilitates traceability.


Easy reading with specific device.
Made during production process.
Control of origin and traceability of license plate.
Possible link to databases.


Individual emblems

Customization is the result of a dialogue with the Authorities and / or the customer according to their wishes and requirements for both graphism and securisation, in order to provide high quality products.

The technological capabilities of Faab Fabricauto make it possible to adapt and realize different demands on the products (design printing, security marks by watermark, laser, ...), resulting in personalization and security.

A ’tailor made’ design.
The complexity of design reinforces safety.
A ‘tailor made’ and unique license plate made upon all your specifications.

Security Customised Fonts

With Thermal Transfert

This printing technology is obtained using heat on a printing ribbon.

Heat enables transfer of the colour from the ribbon on the raised registration number after embossing the license plate.

A simple chromium text or an holographic securisized text can be added to the thermal transfer ribbon.


Secured thermal ribbon is very difficult to produce.
Fast and permanent readibility.
Easy customisation.