Slide Security Watermark This is a drawing, pattern and text embedded in the material, visible permanently or only at a certain angle. The advantage of this element is that it is customizable, indelible and can not be reproduced in a simple way. Effet lumiere ombre gauche

It is the most known and used security feature that can guarantee the authenticity of the plate.

A watermark is a  personalized pattern , word, or text  that can be   either printed or laser engraved directly on the reflective sheeting .

The digital watermark  can be visible and  readable at a glance,  or it can be ‘hidden’, that means that the pattern is visible only under a certain angle

Watermark is a permanent security feature that can’t be removed from the reflective sheeting without causing serious damage to the plate.

Advantages  :

  • The watermark is customizable
  • The watermark is permanent, that can’t be removed without causing serious damage to the plate.
  • Watermark is difficult to copy

Other security features